Thursday, April 30, 2009

Emotions run strong today

Today was a day where it became certain that Kay is not going to be able to go to Portland for Jean's graduation party and ceremony. After seeing seven different physicians today, and lots of consultation the consensus is that in order for her to have adequate bile drainage, and to have her best chance to clear up this biliary infection (cholangitis) she needs not just several days of IV antibiotics, but a larger stent in the common bile duct. To do this the interventional radiologist and the gastroenterologist are going to work together tomorrow using the existing small stent to place a larger stent to adequately drain the bile, and allow the infection to clear and stay clear.

This will be done late tomorrow afternoon. Kay is disappointed, as we all are that she is going otot miss the graduation events, but we are going to do it virtually. I have some arrangments to make but the plan is that I'll stick in Puyallup tomorrow to keep Kay company and be here when they place this stent. It is really comforting for her to have me around for things like that. Brett and I will head for Portland after she is done with that, and get in later tomorrow evening. Jean is going to meet Bill and Horace Pullen at the airport and hang with them tomorrow. Fay and Keith Colmar are already in Portland, and had some fun with Jean today.

Saturday I intend to have local friends spend much of the day with Kay, and we plan to use Kay's Macbook and Jean's Macbook to video conference during her party, so everyone will get a chance to have some face-to-virtual-face time with Kay.

Kay may be able to come home Sunday, and if so I'll drive home Sunday evening about the time Horace (Dad) and Bill (brother) fly back to ME.

This is a lot to digest for all of us in one day. We had really hoped Kay could at least come to Jean's party Saturday, and that she would not need another biliary procedure. She is pretty discouraged tonight, but I know she and we will buck up and do what it takes for her to get well.

Your prayers are appreciated, and we feel the love. Pray for a successful stent, for joy and fun at Jean's graduation events, and for Kay to have endurance and strength through all these physical and emotional twists and turns.




Scolmar45 said...

Thank you for all the information as it comes in. Thank you for all your knowledge to explain all the different procedures. Thank you for your incredible strength.
Thank you for sharing your life with us through all this.

Sue said...

Sam and I have been up awhile and are praying. We are so sorry for such a disappointing day yesterday.
May God bath you all with His Grace, Strength and Comfort.
Ed and Kay, Jean's graduation is a culmination of years of love,faith and dedication, something you both provided day by day for years. No one can meet either Jean or Brett and not see the reflection of you both, your great love for each other and your great love for your children shining forth. These victories are yours. Kay, you and Ed will be forever a part of all that Jean & Brett accomplish. We rejoice with you in Jean and Brett.
Our hearts ache with the thought of you needing to face another procedure.The words of the hymn "Our hope is built on nothing else, than Jesus love and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus'name,"(The Solid Rock)echo through my mine as I write. We cling to Christ with you.

Much love and many prayers,
Sammy, Sue, Laura, Seth, Doug, Lance and Samantha

Shanley and Ron said...

Our prayers for strength and healing continue for all of you. Please don't hesitate to call on us for any need.
Ron & Shanley

ehays said...

Dear Kay and Ed,

My Mom sent me the link to your blog so we could stay updated on Kay's progress. We were so shocked and saddened to hear of the diagnosis. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are so very much with you and all of your family. I hope that today brings you better news, lifted spirits and renewed strength.

Wishing you peace and continued joy,
Elisa and Steve Hays

Carol said...

Kay, It's just about time for you to heading into the operating room. We are sending you EXTRA stong love and prayers for things to go well. We love you so much and wish we could be there with you. God bless you. XOXOXOX Carol, Lou, Morgan, Allie & Josh

Jean, We are so proud of you! We love you so much and wish we could all be there with you. Enjoy this weekend and revel in you being the awesome, beautiful, precious woman that you are. God bless you! XOXOXOX Carol, Gram Pullen, Morgan, Allie & Josh