Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day is done.

Wow, does our yard look great. When we got home from the Cancer Center today after Kay's first chemotherapy session, to find Terry Asplund on her knees weeding the flower bed in the front yard. She was followed by her husband Dave and Barb Aune. Before they left, Paul Freese brought a fabulous dinner. Wow, wow, wow. We are feeling far too blessed by all this pampering. I have to say it is incredibly nice and helpful though.

Kay has jut cruised so far. Not even a hint of nausea, no allergic reactions at all during the infusion, and no problems with the external bile drainage tube clamped off for 3 hours now. It is about 8 PM now, we are winding down for an early to bed night.

Tomorrow if all goes smoothly, Kay will get the external bile drainage tube removed, and will basically rest up.

Sleep tight.



Sue said...

So many blessings yesterday! How wonderful to return to such love and encouragement. May today bring showers galore:)!
To make you smile, today, the construction people demolish the bathrm/washrm area. Laura and I are heading to the office to work!!! Thankfully, Sam is off today. It is such a gift to be able to have this work done. (Kay, I think of you remodeling,etc before Jean's graduation...this is the tail end of our homeschooling!?!)

Your faith, courage and love are so encouraging us. Know that our hearts are with you all and that our prayers continue.

Sue for all

lesley.hammond said...

So pleased to hear the first chemo day has gone well.
Love from all in Boston UK.
Thinking about you constantly,
Lesley xxxxxxx