Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing like your own bed.

We got home about noon today, after Kay had her port placed about 8:30AM. Kay's first order of business at home, a walk in the fresh air, from the end of the driveway, to touch the basketball hoop pole on the opposite side of the cul-de-sac, and then into the house and into our bed, already make really inviting by Jean.

Oh! NPO is nil per os (latin for Nothing by mouth) Norm, I like the list you got, and like the comments.

This afternoon consisted of a nap in the same bed with Kay, nice to share a bed again, then off to the pharmacy for the Rx from Dr. Safarri. Back to give Kay her pain meds. Then a bit of lunch which led to nausea. Much of the afternoon spent trying to figure out a plan for how to try to get nutrition without nausea. The problem? Guess. Still no gas. My conclusion is Kay has been moving too fast with progressing her diet, and we are going to try reducing the pain med a bit, more walking, less food, more fluids, and see how the night goes.

Brett thinks there are lots of good omens. Easter Sunday dawns just as Kay starts to recover from surgery, and the Mariners off to a great start. I just think Kay is awesome, and is recovering in the way I expected her to. Either way, we'll take it.

Off for another walk.



Karen Gustafson said...

Kay,I hope you have a big bed....I want to watch chick flicks on your new TV, too. I might even nod off to nap right along with you!
It was great talking to you this morning. I look forward to many more conversations!
Remember, you are a SURVIVOR!!

sylvia said...

Glad to hear you made it home. Like Dorothy said" there's no place like home. Your in good hands.
Sylvia Schroll

Linda said...

Hi Kay,
Your Bellingham contingent is sending lots of love and prayers your way. We are so glad that you are home in your own bed with your wonderful family and awesome friends around you for support!! Thank you so much, Ed, for keeping us updated through your blog. Love, Ron and Linda

Barb Hoffmann said...

Hello Kay,

This is your Aunt Sis - the Grande Dame Colmar remember? Not surprised at love and support coming your way (heaven knows you deserve it) but don't let them plant a halo on your head. I personally give you permission to blubber, holler, look and feel rotten, throw a lamp and god forbid, not be strong. As for Ed, little did we suspect the poetry and humor in his soul. Yay Team Pullen. Love, Sis et al

Sue said...

Rejoicing in your homecoming! We are diligently adding our "East Coast" prayers & being early raisers that means we are often praying beginning at 1 am your time! Much love and many prayers from Sam,Sue,Samantha &family,Doug,Laura and Seth Pelletier

Mary Rose said...

So glad you're home. Hope your first night in your own bed was restful. Any time you need a companion on your walks (even if it's just to the basketball hoop and back) I'm there.

keith said...

Ed, this blog is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. Kay, i'm so happy you're home. You and your family have always had a very special place in my heart. Can't wait to see you all very soon!! All our love,
Heather, Matthew, + Keith