Friday, April 17, 2009

UP Beacon article by Jean.

Jean started participating in a University of Portland student team in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life last year. After Louise, my Mom and Jean's grand mother fought through throat cancer this past year the Relay developed a much more personal flavor. Now it is intensely personal. I am really proud of Jean for her courage and talent in sharing her experience in the student newspaper at UP this last issue of the 08-09 school year. You can read the article on-line at:

To see Jean's personal page at the Relay web site here is the link:

Keep Jean in your prayers tonight. She walks from 6-10 PM today. She is really anxious about her ability to "hold it together" in such a public environment with so many people likely to express their condolences and love. She is well known at UP, as previous year book publisher. She is going to do great, but could use all your prayers.



Traci said...

What a great article. Dr. and Mrs. Pullen, I can see why you are so proud of your children.

Mary Rose said...

Go Jean! We're all there walking with you in spirit. You are an incredible young woman and it is abundantly clear why your parents are so proud of you and your brother.

Karen Gustafson said...

Jean, please don't worry that you might not "hold it together" tonight because of so many people there might be expressing concern and love to you in public. This is a different kind of "public" than any other, as you probably know. EVERYONE there knows how it goes, how the emotions can be overpowering, and not liking the thought of losing control of them. Cancer makes everyone feel out of control at some point (or even many points). Know that crying and having even a stranger stop and hold onto you is ok, very ok, especially during something like Relay. Your mom is a survivor, and so are you!
Karen Gustafson
PS We are all very proud of you!

Sail Grace E said...

Jean, You are a STRONG woman!! Enjoy every step tonight. What you are doing is wonderful, for many that you don't know, and especially for your mom! We all love her so much, and we love you too!! Love, Cheryl

Kay and Ed, Your hearts must be bursting with pride!! You've done good!!! CW