Monday, April 13, 2009

Pray for gas

As any of you who have had major abdominal surgery may recall, it is not uncommon for the bowel to be inefficient at moving its contents along. A prerequisite to progressing to a regular diet is to pass gas, and so far none to be had. We spend so much of our lives holding gas in, and now Kay is focusing on the opposite. Strange thing to talk about after the 7th grade.

Kay continues to be a strong, she has walked a great deal today, and is just exhausted. We hope this leads to a good night's sleep. I plan to go home tonight earlier, because if I can be well rested tomorrow it will make taking Kay home a better experience for all. I got out of the hospital from 12-5 today, and made good use of the time. I went to the office, got a patient care schedule set up starting next week. Very limited hours, but many patients were really concerned that I had stopped scheduling new appointments for a couple of days, leading to anxiety on some patient's part. Now at least they know I have not stopped working, just cut back for a while. Then I took care of a few administrative and patient care details, and got Kay her initial oncology appointment for Friday afternoon, checked some insurance details, and got to the YMCA for a good workout. Only planned thing that did not happen was a nap. We hope to start chemo early next week. As I mentioned earlier she will be getting an indwelling "port" to use to give chemotherapy placed in the morning tomorrow.

Kay had quite a few visitors today, too many to mention by name, but she enjoyed the company, though is pretty exhausted now. If she goes home tomorrow we will need to see how she is feeling re visits at home. I'll keep info re this "posted" here.

As usual Jean and Brett have been here a lot today. Keep Brett especially in your prayers as he is commuting to and from Seattle for visits each day (pray for safe drives) , living alone there, and with school, homework, visiting Kay, and the commute really burning his candle at both ends. Tonight he needs sleep, and I think he is committed to having rack time to get it. He is sitting with me in a very nice family room here at St. Joes Oncology floor, doing his math homework. Pray for restful sleep for him.

Overall a very positive day. I'll keep you informed when the the gas passes.

Love to all.



Sail Grace E said...

Kay, I've coached both running and gas passing!! So, "Let 'er rip!" Just wish I could be there to see the look of success on your face when the 'big release' happens!!! Hee hee!! Ffffrrrrrrrrrttt!! Get well soon, I miss your smile!! Love, Your Coach,Cheryl
PS, Rx: Pull index finger q 1 hour PRN!!

Cecile Lozano said...

Hi Kay and Ed,

I'm thinking of you and sending my love. Guess what! I found an email address for Joan Baron. I told about you and got her catch-up with our old NYC gang. She told me to send you her very best wishes and when you're a little stronger she wants to call you to catch up.

Love you...Cecile

The Ferber Family said...

Dear Kay,

Carpe al Farte (seize the fart?)

Farting 101 (or general bathroom humor): Beans beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you fart, the more you fart, the better you feel, so lets have beans for every meal!! OR When your sliding into first and your pants begin to burst, diarrhea!! OR When your sliding into home and your pants begin to foam, diarrhea!! From Edgewood to Alaska, the Ferber Family and friends are pulling our fingers for you, praying for you, and loving you! Love Christy and the Ferber Crew!

Mindee P. said...

Kay, your A pod doesn't rock - YOU rock!!! Keey your laughing spirit's one of the many things that makes you so spectacular! Mindee