Thursday, April 30, 2009


The latest setback is that both of Kay's blood cultures from yesterday morning show that she has a bloodborne infection with a potentially serious gram negative rod shaped bacteria, with the usual "final ID and sensitivity" to follow. This means Kay will need several days of IV treatment. She is also going to get a blood transfusion today. Lots of specialists to see her. A more complete message to follow at bedtime tonight. I am racing to the office.



Sara said...

What a roller coaster. I am ending my day and starting my day with this blog. I wish I was there - I wish I could help like so many of your wonderful local friends. I am keeping this mantra in my head - Kay will beat this, Kay will beat this. xxoo

Colleen said...

I'm sorry for this setback. Hang in there, Kay! (And Ed! And Brett! And Jean!)

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Dearest Ed and Kay,
I will get our church families praying,NC to ME and as far West as CO. Thankful for the definitiveness of the diagnosis. Praying specifically for wisdom and unity in treatment, etc.

Much love,

Sail Grace E said...

Loved to see your smiles tonight!!

We'll be running fast for YOU!

Love, Coach

Susan said...

Kay, It was so good to see you. You Rock!! Hope to see you this weekend if you're here.


Mindee P. said...

Kay -you are a true champion and I am following closely. You are in my heart and prayers. You have will, passion, and strength. Not to mention the love of all of your dear family and friends. There is no doubt you will prevail! Love!