Saturday, April 11, 2009

Off to the OR

We woke up this morning to find Kay putting the finishing touches onto love letters to the children. Pastor Paul was helpful in assisting Kay in putting her thoughts into print yesterday. She got some rest after the "Cherry flavored" magnesium citrate finally did its job, and after waiting at the hospital pre-op area for a few hours, she was off to the operating room at 12:45. I expect surgery to actually start in a half hour or so, and to have an initial status update sometime after 2:30 PM PST.

On a light note our God-son Ethan Wiederspan and his older brother Peyton, sent a video over to the house this AM, delivered by Kay's running group. It is really funny, and Brett will post it for all to enjoy, as it is above my IT pay grade.

We have a great support team in place here. Marc Hillman, Jean's boyfriend, is up to be with her. Andrew Desmond, a longtime friend of the family, Brett's closest friend, and one of Kay's favorite people, is here to keep Brett company. Paul Freese, our pastor and good friend, is here to be with me. Dr. Safarri and his team are working to get rid of this cancer. We have all decided that as of this moment this cancer has had its time to thrive, but now we are on the offensive. First surgery, love and prayers. Follow this with whatever additional weapons we need to beat this alien disease.

More news when I have some.


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