Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've got gas

First night at home a big success. Kay and I both slept our best in a while, woke up early to get in a little walk, a civilized cup of tea at the dining room table, and the flood gates opened. Nice to put that concern behind us.

Comcast comes today at the usual, "Sometime between 8 AM and noon" time frame. We used our new TV to snuggle, Brett between me and Kay, and watch two sessions of Entourage, Kay and Brett's favorite TV show together. I had boycotted this previously, but actually it is not a bad show at all.

We (all but Kay) enjoyed Linda Sinden's steak dinner last night. Kay had a lot of nausea last night, we put her back on clear liquids. She thinks stopping opiates has been the big breakthrough. Just Tylenol since last night. Pain is not a big problem for Kay now, and if the gas all passes, and Kay can start eating better, all should be on the mend.

We are all home today, Brett is skipping school today, Jean is home, I'm home and we should have a great day.

I plan to slow down on the posts now, as things seem pretty calm.

Best to all.



Sail Grace E said...

Good morning, Kay! You couldn't have picked a better weekend to be at home. The weather is supposed to be beautiful! Perfect for short jaunts to the basketball hoop and back. Every marathoner has to start with ONE STEP. Your new marathon journey is starting off with a strong first step. The depth of your previous training, physical fitness, and your spunky spirit will carry you. And when you feel weak, WE'LL carry you through. Everyone loves you so much and we are all feeling God's loving grace upon you.

Congratulations on your recent Adam would say, "The eagle has landed!"

Love and hugs to you, Coach Cheryl

Shaley & Ron said...

Awesome news. Please let us know if we can provide any easily digested meals etc. Prayers continue. Ron & Shanley

Sara said...

So gald you are home. Jackie had an opportunity to talk to an overian cancer survior on one of her committes - 5 years out and another one that is 13 yrs out. She is going to send more info as well. And I bet you anything neither of them are as tough, mentally and physically as you. xxoo Sara

personettj said...

Kay & Ed: Ever since I heard the news last weekend, you have been on my mind. Our 10 step-sibs have been so lucky this far! I know we have not been very close, but I keep tabs on you when I talk with your Mom, Kay, and have always admited the live you have built.

I am not sure if you recall that I have been working with blood cancer patients for almost 5 years now. My knowledge of ovarian cancer is pretty limited, though, but I spoke with a survivor last night and she was full of info and hope. You may already be well aware of all this, but here goes.

Check out this website for good general info and survivor stories:

I believe you mentioned in one of your blogs "Dr. McCrosky"; I am assuming that you are referring to Dr. Robert McCrosky at the Puyallup Cancer Center. I worked with him a little when I was working out of Seattle...he is a great doc and presented several patient ed programs for me on blood cancers. However, I am not sure if he is a gynecological oncologist, and apparently, it pretty important that Kay be under the care of this speciality. Here is the link to this speciality at the Hutch:

Also, allow me to put in a plug for Clinical Trials. People often think of participating in one as something altruistic to do for future patients, when in reality, you may be getting the next big treatment, and at least will be getting the gold standard of care.

Finally, the American Cancer Society has a great tool they call the "Personal Health Manager". I have one in my office that I was given as a sample at a meeting, but have no real use for, so I am going to drop it in the mail for you. It is just a large plastic envelope with charts and file dividers to help you organize all the data you have just begun to collect. You could get one yourslef by calling the ACS 800 number, but you have to give them a lot of info. If you have already devised your own system of keeping things organized, please feel free to discard what I am sending you.

I will be following your blog daily.

With Love & Hope, Step-sis jackie

Traci said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayers! No matter how "silly" we may think they are...nothing is to small for Him!

k_holley75 said...

Hi Dr. Pullen, glad to hear that everything is going well. We all here at Sunrise are thinking of you all and really enjoy following your blog. Thanks for including us. We will see you next week!

Kim H