Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling better

I think Kay is feeling better this afternoon. I have really seen her only a little today, as she has asked me to have some "girl time" with Fay and Mary. This morning seemed like it was 3 days long, as I sat outside the interventional radiology suite praying for a successful procedure, having no idea it would take over 3 hours, and reading RE Lee on my Kindle. Did you know that the Confederates lost the War between the States? Just kidding of course. I chose this biography for our Rotary book club, as this month was Kay and my turn to host the meeting. Per Time Magazines listing of the 100 greatest non-fiction books of the 20th century, this is high on the list, and considered by some to be the best biography ever written. Well reading it has been a grind, though interesting and mostly enjoyable. I have just a little bit left.

By late afternoon Kay finally had enough of her "conscious sedation" drugs out of her system to walk around and feel better. Brett says that after she got up for a walk, she seemed to snap out of her sedated state, and look a lot better. When I got to the hospital about 5 PM after a wonderful bike ride on the Orting trail with Peter, she was eating, having a lively discussion with Mary and Fay, and looking like the Kay we all know and love. Brett and I left the girls to themselves, I had a Bourbon Pepperjack burger and sweet potato fries at the Ram with a Washington Blonde to wash it down. I wonder if Kay may be a blond after her hair regrows post chemo. I hear that it can be very different.

Anyway, dinner was almost as good as the taco soup for lunch (brought by Synnove not Mary Rose, sorry Synnove) for lunch.

Pray for good rest tonight, and home from the hospital soon, possibly even tomorrow.

Never thought I'd have people reading about my gastronomic adventures.



Norm and Barb Aune said...
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Norm and Barb Aune said...

Glad your day improved after the grueling morning. Hope your ride toward the splendor of the mountain was as refreshing as the blonde.

God Speed to you all.