Thursday, April 9, 2009

A better day.

Today was a long and exhausting day, but one that left us more hopeful. We met Dr. Safarri today, and he seems strong, confident and competent. He feels after examining Kay, and reviewing her tests so far, that there is a good chance he can remove most of her tumor surgically. Surgery is set for noon Saturday at St. Josephs in Tacoma. Kay will be in the hospital from 4-8 days depending on the extent of surgery needed. The plan is to do a hysterectomy bilateral oophorectomy (remove the uterus and both ovaries for those non-medical readers) and to remove any tumor possible to be excised to include the omentum (fatty apron in front of the bowel), the gall bladder, spleen, and bowel deeply involved if possible, and any other areas of tumor found that can be safely removed. He explained that he is just doggedly persistent, working as long as it takes to do this, sometime 5+ hours.

Tomorrow will be a tough day as Kay needs a bowel prep, i.e. take medications similar to the preparation for a colonoscopy. Lots of time near the toilet. No solid food after breakfast tomorrow, clear liquids until surgery after that. We'll show up at the hospital at 10 AM, and settle in for what we hope is a long and positive surgery.

We had some of Kay's close girlfriends over tonight for a love-fest. Kay has been really tired, she only was able to last about 90 minutes with company and we kept the group small as Kay's endurance has gone from running 9 miles just 12 days ago, to being so tired she needs to lie down every couple of hours now.

Jean and Brett are home for the weekend, and we plan to spend tomorrow together. We are looking at this as a time for use to live together, and enjoy each other as we did when the children were small. A perverse way to have this time together, but we are making lemonade here.

I'll keep this from dragging on, and expect future posts to be more terse.

Keep us in your prayers. Our love to all of you, and we feel your love coming this way.



Skip said...

Thank you for posting Ed. Loved the pictures and we're sending positive thoughts.


Mindee P. said...

Kay is a blessing to us all -- one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is smack dab in the middle of all of my prayers.


PrimeroMujerBaja said...

Kay, Ed and Brett, You do not know us personally but we know your daughter Jean and her boyfriend Marc. You guys did a great job with Jean. If she is an example of your family, you are all wonderful! Jean is a sweet, caring, intelligent woman and really impressed us.

Kay, we are wishing you much success tomorrow and you will be in our thoughts and we are sending hugs and positive, healing messages your way. I know from Mel Hillman that you are a strong woman and this will be the greatest test of your life. There are many people out here on the East Cape praying for you and your family because of your beautiful daughter and her love and respect for you. Hope to hear good news when you can find time to send it. With love, Jesse and Terry and Tyrel Ventura