Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Really Was a Girl Fart!

I was so glad to know that my condition of bowels didn't stir up remedies among ya'll except from my mother. I was wondering how that first bit of air might hit the world. Last night Ed and I took to the street of our cul-de-sac armed with a chair, plastic bag and my old green bathrobe in search of relief. After a few loops, Brett brought me out a pair of gloves, stocking cap and a blanket to toss over my shoulders. If you had set me out on Lexington Ave in NYC with a cup, I might have earned enough for a whopper. I was such a sight that my neighbor Rob came out to make sure we were alright. We left the chair on the sidewalk and continued our journey circling right and then left and then traversed the street of my neighborhood. Finally Ed got dizzy and I got fatigued and called it a day. In the Kathy McG family they only have flatulence as I heard that word from her son with a smile. But today is a new day and I woke up Ed at 6 am after a nice night of sleep to continue the quest for movement. After a couple of circles around the dining room table a sound escaped me. And it was so dainty not like the regular "girl fart". I asked Ed, "Did you hear it?" So now I am whole with the world. I am now eating and resting and continue to bask in the glory of all your blessings and love. Thanks for all your cards, flowers, messages, and extreme kindnesses. My love to all.



Sail Grace E said...

After reading your post today, I am smiling, now fully understanding why I love you so much!! You crack me up!

I know how much you love watching birds, and I just have to tell you that my yard is a hummingbird fest tonight. I have one feeder, and currently have 5 birds competing for a spot to perch. At one point there were 4 birds perching simultaneously, drinking away, and a 5th bird came up and cussed everybody out and they all scattered. The the solo bird bellied up to the bar alone. VERY entertaining. This afternoon, Adam was outside with the camera, trying to catch a picture of each one. We have named them all according to their markings: Ocean, Rusty, Rhonda, Bandit and Grenade. When I refilled their water tonight, I stood at the deck holding the feeder in my hand and waited patiently. One little bird came up and timidly landed on the feeder while I was holding it! It was a miracle! I'm going to try to build their trust! When you are ready to bird watch, I'm just down the street!!!

Love you Kay! Heal well.
Coach Cheryl

Karen Gustafson said...

Congratulations, Kay! Nothing like a good night's sleep, a good fart, and a pleasant meal. :) Keep up the good work!
Love to you all,

PS, We too, enjoy watching the hummingbirds feed, fight, and chitter at us when we get too close..especially when they're nesting.

sylvia said...

Glad to hear things are starting to move. Made things start running smoothly. Get lots of rest.

Cathy said...

Isn't it amazing that the smallest or the simplist thing can give us such great pleasure? Congrats on your post op and the toot!
Now here is the funny...when I was a child, my family called them bow-wows. Don't ask me how and why they used that word! Remember Dick and Jane? Their dog Spot would say "Bow-wow". That would have me rolling on the floor with laughter.
Cathy Duffy

Kathy McG said...

Excellent news I believe NPO means "Not Possible to Overhear". I'm sure you had your tea with your pinky raised too.
Much love & hugs,
Kathy McG

Skip said...

You guys must've been a sight. Great to hear you're up on your feet and making your presence heard... uh, felt... uh, known? Farting for recovery seems like a great strategy. Never knew. Next time I launch one I'm telling Deb that I'm working on my health.

Mmm-hm. Just got a little bit better already.

Janie Ludes Vasilia said...

Ahhhh....nothing like a little gas to bring people together. Hi there! Wanted to let you know my prayers are steady and my thoughts constant. Have been in touch w/ your big brudder and know that you 'feel the love'. I love this blog- thank you Brett & Ed and everyone for thinking of it so we can all participate in your lives right now.
Your spirit is a blessing to us all Kath. I Love You, Janie

Norm and Barb Aune said...

Someone once said that humor is a funny way of being serious. You have done that so well. It indicates to us that you are feeling better. Horray!!! However, the image of Kay sitting on Lexington Ave with a cup just doesn't sit. Classy Kay, sitting? She'd be in the shops!!!!

Traci said...

Dr. and Mrs. Pullen~ I have so enjoyed your postes each day. I have loved to watch your following grow. It seems that each day there are more new people and it is a true testament to all the love you have in your lives. Keep up the good work.

Traci W. (Sunrise)