Monday, April 27, 2009


Good news today is that Kay's alk phosphatase was down to 350. Bad news is that Kay's alk phosphatase was down to 350. It needs to be at 300 to qualify for the clinical trial she hopes to participate in, and although she is closer, still does not qualify. After Kay spoke with Dr. McCroskey it sounds like the plan is to draw this again early tomorrow AM, and start chemo tomorrow, or possibly Wed. If low enough on trial, if not to start with the best chemotherapy regimen and consider adding the Avastin off-label (non- FDA approved, not in a clinical trial) if we and Dr. McCroskey agree it is appropriate.

Anyway, Jean is home, I am about to leave work, and we had another session of hypnosis this AM. Kay is getting very good at induction, and I think this is going to help a lot.

Yesterday I planted all of the "shoe flowers" in pots on the back deck. I told Kay I gave it the "old 3rd grade try", with my gardening skills definitely not the "old college try. "

More as I know more.



Sue said...

Good morning!

What a blessing to have a "new day".

We're praying for a "250" day, but no matter what today brings,we pray that God will send you His peace and comfort which "passes understanding".

Love, Sammy and Sue

Susan said...

Hi all, I hope all goes well today (and every day :) I'm thinking of you and praying for good numbers!! It was SOOOO great to see you Saturday!

I hope Jean's graduation is great! - you've both raised her to be a lovely, responsible woman. You must be so proud - I am :)