Monday, April 20, 2009

Home again

Kay came home from Good Sam just after noon today. It’s nice to be at home on such a beautiful afternoon, sunny and warm, but mostly just nice to be home.

Kay remains in excellent spirits, is eating better, walking much better, and has a busy week ahead. Tomorrow she goes to see Dr. McCrosky for more blood tests. Thursday Dr. Frood is going to place an internal stent, to better drain the bile into the gut. Now most seems to be draining externally into a small bag that Kay empties every couple of hours.

Of note last night Kay participated, albeit long distance, in a Lakota healing ceremony. A friend of Mel Hillman, Jean's boyfriends Mom, is a Lakota faith healer. He led a ceremony for Kay and others with Mel in East Cape, Baha MX last evening. It is amazing and wonderful how many people are praying for Kay.

Today Jean also got back from school for the week. Brett is staying in Seattle tonight at his apartment there, and things seem good overall.

We got a nice walk in the sunshine today, and Patty Freese made a short but nice visit late afternoon. As the day wore on, Kay seemed to fatigue, and I need to remember how much her body has been through in such a short time. Tomorrow we focus on rest and relaxation prior to the doctor appointment.

Kay is going to try to return some calls this week, but I am encouraging her to focus her energy on eating, walking, and healing. More after Kay's appointment tomorrow or if any news comes up.



Cecile Lozano said...

I'm so glad you're home. Eat well and rest, my friend.

Love, Cecile

Sara said...

Do not worry about calling - everyone understands - it is more important you rest. Fay always told me what nice group of friends you have up there - I am so glad since I am too far away to bring over food or shoo Ed out to get much needed dwon time. xxoo Sara

Sail Grace E said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. My, how the sun does help, huh?? I am sending you plenty of positive energy, loving prayers, and lots of hope! My next door neighbor, Joann Cramer (friend of Bob McAdams), is an ovarian cancer survivor. I spoke with her yesterday about you. She is a beautiful, vibrant woman (just like you!) and she says to tell you that your positive attitude will be your biggest ally. She beat ovarian cancer 12 years ago, and is alive and well today. Praise God for His Loving Care.

For today, I'll just "Pray for Kay"!

Love you friend,
Coach Cheryl

sylvia said...

Glad your home, I enjoyed our visit.Keep up the good work and postive attitude.

fay Colmar said...

The shakes sound delicious. I wish you were also taking vitamins in liquid form would be easier. Just to be sure on nutrients. Why do I always have to be a Mom? Ed, you always were a good writer, but I do believe you are turning into a fine one. Love your blogs. My darling girl, I hope you sleep better tonight. It is wonderful that the weather is so beautiful. Mary and I came home to freakish 100 degree heat. It only rose to 90 today and will be cool this weekend. You are always in my thoughts. Love, Mother