Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A day without much drama

Today was sort of an off day for Kay and her battle. The only news today was on a blood test for inflammation of Kay's biliary tract, called Alkaline phosphatase. In order for Kay to qualify for the clinical trial she is hoping to enter, this needs to be below 300. Yesterday it continued downward, from a high of over 800 to about 500. We had hoped it would be dropping quickly, and maybe have her get started on chemotherapy Friday, or Monday. Unfortunately today it was up a bit, at a bit over 600, and tomorrow she gets this larger biliary stent placed. Hopefully that will allow better bile drainage, and this test will quickly go down to normal. If not by Monday, we are going to start on the standard best chemotherapy regimen of carboplatinin and taxol and decide about possibly adding the avastin (unproven experimental treatment, hoped to be helpful, but currently in clinical trials including the one she is hoping to enter) outside the trial, or not. We will do more research and decide on that later if she does not get into the trial. She would not use this until her second course of treatment anyway.

Mostly rest and trying to gain strength today. Jean home, Brett visited, both off to the M's game tonight with good friends Alison and Andrew Desmond. Alison and Andrew are brother and sister about the same age as Jean and Brett, and longtime family friends. Nice that they can get out tonight.

We plan to be early to bed.

Wish Kay well tomorrow, this stent procedure is a technically difficult but important step for her.



Carol said...

My Dear Kay, I think of you and pray for you more than you'll ever know. On Sunday, I was sitting out on the deck watching the sun sparkling on the lake like diamonds and thinking about how I love your kind, funny, generous, loving spirit, when a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed a fish and went to eat his snack in a tree right by the dock. I thought of you and Ed and how I wished you were here to see have seen that. She (or he) was back again today. Stay strong and feel our arms wrapping you in our love. Hugs and kisses to all of you. Carol

Hamsterina said...

I am holding my breath, crossing all my fingers, toes, knees and elbows hoping all goes well with your procedure, Kay.

Scolmar45 said...

Scott and I will be praying for you and a successfull procedure in the morning. We hope you are feeling better soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We love you!!

Sue said...

Mid-day here, so I picture you well into the procedure. I am praying diligently as I work here at the farm. May God carry you all moment by moment and shower you with His Almighty Love. With love from all here,Sue

Mar-y Dahl said...

Mary and her little friend Kim were just discussing the fact that Kay has always been way better than we are, way cooler, way cuter, and way more smarter. The only reason we are creative at all is because she used to do crafts with us when we were little and encouraged us. In lieu of the fact that Kay’s house is an Architectural Digest cover we were just considering an artistic wall treatment on Mary’s house with a blowtorch….hmmm maybe not. As usual Kay is showing off her courage and bravery again by facing another hurdle towards recovery. Our hearts, smiles and tears are with you during this trying time. We also know the angels are watching over you so fear not. There are 365 “fear nots” in the bible, one for every day. Kim and Mary(*)(*) we know.

Scolmar45 said...

Hi Kath,
I love you..Gulp...let me know how I can help.Good strength to all the Pullens. I miss you,

Mar-y said...

Hi blog followers, Kim, my friend of forty years now, came over to write on the blog and help me choose colors to paint my kitchen. Hope that explains some of the silliness. We are having a sunflower and sweet peas explosion around here. I will send pictures. Love, Mary