Monday, April 20, 2009

What a delightful person

That is how Dr. McCroskey described Kay to me on the phone this morning. Kay is feeling much better today. I get in early, we took a walk outside the hospital for some fresh air, and had a nice early AM together. I'm about to start work but Dr. McCroskey just called me and is really pleased at how well Kay is doing. She will probably come home after lunch today if she eats well. He saw a version of Kay closer to normal today, he saw her not feeling well at all last week, and as a delightful person himself, is very able to recognize another when he sees them.

Hope from here is to give Kay's liver a couple of days to recover, and probably start chemotherapy later this week. Jean gets back home today. Fay and Mary fly out this AM, thanks to Cheryl W. for being our on call airport limo service.

Another sunny day in WA.

Exciting news too is that my brother Bill and my Dad are coming for a quick visit so Jean's graduation on the weekend of May 2-3. In a perverse sort of way it is nice how difficult times bring great families closer together.

Well, off to work.



Sara said...

So glad Kay may get back home today. I couldn't agree more on families, extended, step, and friends that are family, are the cement that holds us all together. I think the majority of the world is made up of good, kind people but families, when they workcan not be beat.

sylvia said...

I stopped by to visit Kay this morning, I too thought she looked great, wonderful, was her usual cheerfull and smiling self. Hope the ginersnaps and peppermint tea will help. And you are a SURVIVOR!

Mar-y Dahl said...

We had a nice time feeling so glad just to see Kay, and exclaim what the heck! Although Mom and I felt pretty useless arriving to a spotless house with all the wash done, food in the fridge and dinner planned to arrive by Patti F. An incredible dinner of champange chicken, salad, asparagus, and homemade apple pie We really want the chicken recipe and the pie served as breakfast for me at least until yesterday receiving chuckles from everyone as it was smothered alamode. We enjoyed hanging out with Brett and Ed talking over family histories. We rode the swells of pretty big waters laughing and crying eventually learning to keep an even keel getting a feeling of how this has to be navigated.
Funny I wonder how anyone has time to do anything as I arrive home and am interrupted all during this post, I am told the way to correct blogging is to write in word then copy but I was too lazy this time. Typing while my husband tells me they tried to make gummy bear pancakes yesterday and not to try it anyone. Sounds like he and I were both having a sweet tooth for break. Plus the brownies brought by Janie were eaten up before I got home. Oh well, I left feeling inspired to, wake up earlier seeing what can be accomplished in the morning, thankful Kay has such a wonderful husband, amazing children, and the best friends, not discounting all the people who care that we may not even know including the Indians of Baja. Love, Mary, Jim, Mic, Chris,and Caroline

Bill said...

Glad you are home! Dad and I are sooooo excited to see all of you. Mom and Dad are so proud of Jean (Carol & I too). Please get rested up and God bless all of you. Kay, you are in our constant thought and prayers.