Saturday, April 11, 2009

Off to St. Joes

Well, we're off to St. Joeseph's Hospital in a few minutes. Kay feels ready, the night passed pretty well. Simon at Jean and Ernie's house, Marc coming to support Jean, Andrew as a friend for Brett, Paul will be there for me. We hope the waiting room is big enough for all that love. We feel your love. More to follow this afternoon.



sylvia said...

Ed & Kay,
So sorry to hear about this. Ed you have taken care of Chris for many years with such kindness and patience. I hope and pray Kay will find that with her Doctors. We will be there with yon and thought and prayer. If you need anything please let us know.
Ed, Sylvia & Chris Schroll

Terrie Asplund said...

Thank you for sharing the joyful family pictures and the detailed news of Kay's health challenges. I hope you can feel all our arms around you, holding you tightly. We're sending lots of love and prayers that He guide the surgeon's hands and give Kay the strength she needs to fight this.
Love you,
Terrie and David Asplund