Monday, March 28, 2011

Bye-Bye Anemia

Kay had more good news today at her visit with Dr McCroskey. Not only is her CA-125 staying in a good range (9.0 today) but her complete blood count showed her Hemoglobin level to be 12.7, with a normal range of 12-17. This is the first time in recent memory that Kay has not been anemic. Chemotherapy has as a major side effect suppression of the bone marrow's ability to produce blood cells, and you may recall that Kay needed a blood transfusion a few months ago when her anemia got severe. This is great news and we hope that Kay's energy level will follow her blood count to higher levels.

She also heard sad news today, on a more personal note. Kay was enrolled in the phase 1 PARP inhibitor trial along with 7 other patients. Kay found out today that she is the only one of the eight still on the PARP inhibitor. All of the others have either died, had progression of their tumors, or developed problems that made them stop the PARP inhibitor. We don't quite know what to think of this but are pleased that Kay is doing well.

Since I last posted Kay and I have been busy having as much fun as possible. We spent a great 4-day weekend in Petaluma and Sonoma visiting Ann Heatley and John 3 weekends ago, and this past weekend spent 4 days at Orcas Island staying at Jane Hostvedt's vacation home there. Both weekends were great times. In Petaluma lots of time with friends and family, and this past weekend lots of time for just Kay and me.

So far Kay is enjoying the remission, and we are praying for a long stretch of recovery and rejuvenation. Lent has been a good time to reflect on our blessings.

The family continues to thrive. Dad is doing well adjusting to live without Mom, and I'm hoping I can have him out for Brett's graduation in June. Kay and I have another vacation set for May in NYC. Back to where it all began for us.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Friday, March 4, 2011

On a Brief Vacation

Kay and I are in Petaluma, CA visiting Ann Heatly and her partner John, and planning on seeing some art, drinking some wine, and catching a little more sun than is available at home. Life is good.

This is Kay's week three of her treatment cycles. She just finished cycle 7 of her second course of chemo, and we're glad it's going to be the last of full chemotherapy. She has been very fatigued, and even modest physical activity has been tiring. As is the norm with Kay she just finds a way to carry on. I came home Wednesday to find her in bed with her iPad and phone working away. Just preserving energy in one way and choosing how to use the energy she has.

I suspect she is more anemic, and Monday at her doctor's visit we'll find out whether she needs another blood transfusion. Last time it gave her a huge energy boost, so we're all for it if she needs one.

Except for fatigue Kay is doing great. No major problems with chemo, her CA-125 numbers remain around 10, and we are praying for a long remission. She will be continuing to get the PARP therapy twice a week, two weeks out of each 3 week cycle, but these only take an hour or so each infusion, and should not affect her blood counts. We hope this therapy prevents any recurrence of the cancer, and that she continues to tolerate them well.

Give thanks in your prayers for Kay's remission, and for continued health. We'll do the same, and maybe add a hearty toast with some good Cabernet this weekend.