Friday, April 17, 2009

A quiet morning

We woke up this morning early, 4 AM, for a little repositioning, and to get comfortable, then dozed until 7AM. For you long distance followers, the glorious sunshine of yesterday, is back to the reality of rain today. A good day to just relax, fatten up, and be together.

Fay and Mary are being met at the airport this morning by Cheryl W. They should be here for lunch, and we are looking forward to their visit.

Kay and I watched nearly the whole M's game last night; too bad to see the winning streak end, but King Felix tonight.

Kay only had 3 pancakes for breakfast, but I didn't tell her I used no water, made them with whole milk yogurt and apple juice for liquid, so squeezing calories in at every opportunity. She liked them. Reminds me of shredding veges to hide in the spaghetti sauce when the kids were little.

Make it another great day, we plan to.


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Ruth said...

Hi! I am Janie's friend, and she told us about her dear friend, Kay (Kathy), last night. We prayed last night and will commit to pray for Kay's healing!
Blessings in Christ!