Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rough news from the Pullen's

I am going to use this blog to keep those of you we love and know updated regarding our circumstances without sending out too many e-mails. Kay has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and she is meeting with a top oncologic gynecologic surgeon tomorrow, Dr. Safarri, at 10 AM. We will know more after that meeting, but we are expecting a surgery on Saturday. At this point what we know is that the ultrasound and CT scans show that the tumor likely has spread beyond the ovary, into the pelvis and abdomen. The CT scan shows no evidence of the tumor in her lungs, or her liver. The surgery will give us a lot more information, and a formal "stage." We expect chemotherapy to follow shortly after the surgery.

Kay had been training for a half-marathon she was not going to run. We had planned to leave Saturday for a 10 day birding trip to central and west Texas. Ken Brown, one of our good birding friends, Vera Cragin and her husband Jack, were going to join Kay and me, and meet another friend living in Texas, to go enjoy some sun, birding, and wilderness. The marathon Kay and her church women friends were training for, the one Kay ran last summer, was while we were going to be away. After a 9 mile training run a week ago Saturday, Kay noted pain in her flanks. She thought it was a bit odd, but that she must have strained something. On subsequent runs over the next few days, she had abdominal pain, started to feel like her belly was swollen, and within a week, it was apparent that something was wrong. We got some blood tests done Sunday at the Same Day Clinic, and Kay saw Dr. Aversa Monday. The blood tests showed her liver enzymes were very elevated, and an ultrasound Tuesday (yesterday) showed a large mass on the right ovary, and what looked like tumors in the pelvis and abdomen. We arranged a CT scan of the liver and chest today, that look like there is no spread to the liver, lungs, or upper abdominal lymph nodes.

Kay is feeling weaker by the day, having some nausea, but keeping her spirits up pretty well. Jean and Brett came home today, we had a friend of Kay's, Paul Blanchard, take some family photos, as we have put this off too long.

Please keep us in your prayers, but we are really busy, and exhausted right now, so leaving us some space, and not calling or visiting for a few days would be best. Keep Kay and all of us in your prayers.

Ed Pullen


Susan Barron said...

I am so sorry that you are facing this news. I will be praying for you and Kay for a positive outcome. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and will include your family in my nightly prayers. Sincerly, Susan Barron

Eric said...

You all will be in my thoughts and prayers as you manage this news.  Please, let me know if there is anything I can do to help your family.  I know your strength and love for each other will guide you as you face this diagnosis and come out of this time in your lives stronger.  I will make myself available 24 hours if you need anything or just need to talk - – 253-576-5616.  Be strong!‬