Sunday, April 12, 2009

First night behind us

Kay had a good first night post-operatively. Her pain is under pretty good control. She got about 4 hours of sleep and rested much of the rest of the night. Her naso-gastric tube came out a 4 AM, and she is now able to take clear liquids. Blessedly no nausea at all from anesthesia, and her spirits are good.

We have such good friends. Love has been showered upon us, via e-mail, phone calls (thanks to all for keeping these from being too overwhelmingly many and forgive me if I don't get to voice mails, i think the VM box may be full) Andrew Desmond and Marc Hillman have been the point support people for Brett and Jean, and Kay would definitely call them King Cobras. Paul Freese and Peter Weiderspan sat with me during surgery, and were great support. I appreciate Toot Reid and Scott Bailey, who came and sat patiently, quietly supportive, and not needing my attention, which was to say the least scattered widely. The news during surgery was such a roller-coaster. First promising, then discouraging, then news the surgeon would be out to talk to us sooner than expected, but not knowing why. It was very emotional.

I had a good talk with Kay when she woke up at 4 this AM. She wanted to know more details while she was more alert, i.e. not on so much pain medication. We discussed that more tumor was left behind than we had hoped would be the case, but that things are really not different. We are still relying on chemotherapy, Kay's own tough immune system, and God's grace and all of our prayers to help her heal.

She is especially focused on Jean's upcoming graduation now, and we will be facing the dilemma of trying not to postpone her first course of chemotherapy, yet letting her participate in some way to the graduation celebration. Peter W. is going to help us do this electronically if needed.

I'm going to close now. Thanks for all your support and prayers.



Sail Grace E said...

Kay and Ed, My prayers are constant. Easter Morning is upon us, a moment of miracles and new life. May God richly bless my friend as she heals. Love to you all.

Peter said...

Kay, Easter morning prayers and all our love is being sent to you this morning. You are supported by your fabulous husband, kids, family and friends. You heal and we will do the rest. Love you. Peter, Cheryl, Ethan, Peyton, and Austen.

Matt said...

Happy Easter Pullen family! Jessie and I are both praying constantly for healing, patience, and good news!

Mary Rose said...

Happy Easter morning, Kay! My prayers are constant. So glad to hear you had a good first night. I hope you can enjoy a restful, peaceful Easter with your family. He is risen!

Julie & Craig Wright said...

Kay and your family have been heavily on our minds this weekend. We will continue to pray that Kay recovers well and heals quickly.
Love,your friends.
Julie and Craig Wright

MJF said...

Kay and Pullen family:
You all are in our thoughts. Kay I love you!!!!! xxxxoooooo. A Chinese wish: jiankang kuaile!!
Munjong, Greg, Sarah, Rob and Hannah

patty1913 said...

First Kay aren't you shocked and amazed that I (okay with a little help) actually am posting a comment on a blog. Until two days I had never read a blog. I am praying constantly for you and holding on to the Easter promise of new life for you!! Love and prayers, Patty

sylvia said...


Good to hear your first night was peaceful. Happy Easter. May God hear all our prayers for you.
Sylvia Schroll

Colleen Wise said...

Happy, happy Easter, Kay and Ed!

Kay, I turned the banners around yesterday with the help of Allan--and they look great. It makes me think of all the hours we spent together, ironing, ironing, ironing. And weren't you wise to insist that we get the Easter side done way back when! (You know I would have procrastinated!) I salute the Queen of the Die Cutter!!

Rest and recover, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Pullen's. We are so thankful that you are doing good. Our prayers are constant and you have great support from all.

Love, Joni David and Laura

Shanley said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Ron & Shanley Crane

Sara said...

Ed - thanks for doing the blog. I cannot find the words. I have sent the blog to the rest of the step family. She is tough and postive and a force of nature - she will fight and she will win. When things calm down we will talk. Tell the sister of my birthay, that I love her. Sara

Terrie Asplund said...

The choir held you in their hearts as they sang this morning. We even had an Emerald Ridge kiddo play his trumpet with us. The banner looked incredible - sparkly and wondrous. Your gifts of song and creativity helped prepare for a special Easter service. Our thoughts always return to you at the hospital. Know that you are loved and prayed for on this especially hopeful day.
Love you,
Terrie and David