Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hooked on blogging

I have been enjoying my time as a blogger. I am really happy to say that the frequency of posts on this blog has been and I pray will continue to stay low. See Kay's post below as to how helpful it has been to her to have all your love and prayers coming her way.

I have decided to undertake a new adventure. I am starting a new blog, DrPullen.com where I hope to find a venue to keep writing, and to create a reliable and trustworthy medical blog for what I’m calling the “Informed Patient.”

You can follow me there in several ways, as I’ll have facebook and twitter feeds, and plan to have a lot of fun with this site.

I have put a page of what I think are the best on-line resources for trustworthy information on several topics on my Resources page, and will try to keep the posts relevant to many people yet light and fun enough to be readable. Enjoy. Today I made a post about an interesting possible New Year’s Resolution.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas! It is for us. PET/CT is clear!

On Monday I had my 3-month scan and the black blob from the August scan is gone that was around the place of my stent. So my doctors is thinking the extra chemo treatments were good. My scan came out really good. I have passed the three-month mark without cancer coming back, so that is a big hurdle. Now I will continue to get my monthly checkup with Rob, my oncologist and get the CA 125 checked (which is the cancer marker).

I really want to take this time though, to thank every one of you who have been following the blog for your support. These are friends of my children and their teachers, SFM friends, friends of my friends and their families and even their friends, friends of my brothers (Rick and Joe) and sister and mother and extended families on the Colmar, Pullen, Preece and McWain sides, my entire congregation of my church friends, my running buddies, my NYC friends (including Deb H.), my prayer pal, advertising/design friends, clients, neighbors, Hillman family friends, Mainiacs/Mainer friends, my birding friends, Mexican friends, (shout out to the East Cape folks), BL Book Club friends, Rotary Book Club friends, the Bloody Mary’s, Hawaiian friends. that’s you Krister and Monica, English friends, friends from China, Canadian friends, all the doctors and all their support personnel and many others, I am not mentioning because the web of love and encouragement and prayers really surrounded me and lifted me up and got me through this time. I am shedding tears of gratitude as I write this. I was posted on many prayer lists at many churches besides my own. I really felt all of your love even if I didn’t personally know you. I really can’t thank you enough!! More tears. The amazing meals, cookies, muffins and flowers we received really got us through that first few weeks. The presents from the heart did make me laugh (silly feathered chicken or bird scenery in the shape of a smile), inspirational (pink boxing gloves) and books, shawls, scarf, wigs, and music that entertained me. I received phone calls, visits in the hospital, visits at home and many cards and some I saved opening for my tougher days. I am grateful for the patience of my clients and Scott, Colleen, Shan and Kelly that just stepped in and ran my business while I was sick.

I could go on and on but know that I really do love you, but I will start to sound like bad poetry. Whoever you are, I received your messages however they were sent. People said I made this sickness look easy and really it was you all that made it easier for me to bear. I thank God for bringing you all into my life and feel like I was one of his miracles because of your healing prayers.

I can’t believe this illness seems like a distant memory and look forward to getting stronger and gathering some insight from it all. Most of all I want to thank my husband for writing this blog and loving me so much. Jean and Brett thanks for your unending patience in your care for me, I couldn’t have done this without you.

I pray that you all have a great and Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas - Great News

This has been a great week for Kay with good news on her PET CT scan which came back completely negative. You may recall that the first PET CT came back with the one questionable area near where she had the stent placed. She had another scan yesterday, and met with Dr. McCroskey today, who gave her the great report that the scan was completely normal. No sign of cancer at all, and this makes for a great gift of health for Christmas.

We are home together as a family for the holidays. Jean got here from Portland today, and we are looking forward to lots of good time together. We always look forward to the Christmas eve outdoor service at Celebration Lutheran, and Jean's boyfriend Marc is coming up on the train Christmas morning to join us for dinner.

Prayers of thanks for Kay's cancer free news, for the joy of the season, and for the time for families to have together.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

If the trip down the Oregon and California coast was a victory lap, then this is a relaxing celebration of life. We got to Cabos to stay in a time share here on Dec 3, and don't leave until Dec. 19th. So far we have worked out every day, had wonderful meals, lots of pool time, and enjoyed playing spades, reading, and napping lots. Jean has been the woman of the house, cooking, and just treating us like royalty, and Kay and I are having a great vacation.

Last night Marc's parents, Ray and Mel Hillman, came down to visit, and we went out to dinner near the marina in downtown Cabos. We feasted on lobster tails, NY Steak, shrimp, fish and fixings. This is apparently not a busy tourist time here, as even on a Sat. night, the area was not busy.

We have not explored at all yet, just relaxing and settling in, but plan to get up to Todos Santos, and over to visit Ray and Mel at their winter place on Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula.

Hope everyone is enjoying the time leading up to Christmas. If anyone wants a low key way to stay focused, Paul Freese, our pastor, is opening up his usual Wed. lunch bible study to on-line participants, with a blog to discuss issues. You can sign up by asking jill@celebrationlutheranchurch.org to add you to the e-mail distribution list. Paul is a great teacher, very knowledgible, and these are bite sized lessons 3 days a week. I'm looking forward to it, and it is a way to not let the hustle-bustle of this season (not that Kay and I are hustling at all :.) pass you by.

Prayers of thanks for Kay's remission, and to all in this season of joy.