Thursday, April 23, 2009

Progress today

The dreaded NPO after midnight again last night, but all for progress today, as Kay had the short term biliary drainage tube replaced with a longer lasting and better drainage tube ("stent") placed again by Dr. Frood. This is a small plastic tube placed through the obstruction at the common bile duct to allow bile to drain into the duodenum. The drainage tube that had been placed both internally and externally, was replaced with an external tube, designed to stay in place to drain additional bile if needed for a few days, and then be removed after we are sure the new stent is working well.

Jean and Cheryl W. went to the hospital with Kay for the procedure, and I stopped in just before she has the procedure done, and returned as it was finishing. Kay went through this with flying colors. Kay is always funny, interesting, and outgoing. You should see her with versed on board. Versed is a short acting hypnotic and anti-anxiety medication, sort of a like a super powerful but short acting valium. She loved everyone as she came out of her conscious sedation. She toke Mike, the sedation nurse who took over for John part way through the procedure she was over her crush on John, he was the new nurse in her life. She asked Jean to give Dr. Frood a hug and a kiss for her, as she could not get up to do it herself, and she generally kept us all laughing and light as she woke up. Much of these funny lines were even more funny the second time she said them, having little memory of saying them the first time.

She woke up hungry and thirsty, new feelings for her recently. Both we think good signs. She came home and Jean made her one of her favorite meals, Top Food roast chicken, baked potato, and petite frozen peas. She gobbled them down and feels like she can eat more. Hooray.

Now we feed and rest her for a day or two and pray for better liver enzyme tests. If not we start chemo early next week anyway.

Staples come out tomorrow, the bile drainage tube to external drainage comes out mid week next week, and then the much anticipated shower. Kay plans to stand in the shower until the water runs cold.

Paul Freese, Peter Wiederspan and I plan to go out for a beer tonight, the Mariners beat the defending AL champion Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 today, no big medical issues to think about tomorrow, Kay seems to have an appetite, and life seems to hold promise and hope this evening. Pray for more good days.

Thanks to all who follow us here, we are enjoying the comments, feel the love from near and far, and give thanks to God for so much grace.

Look tomorrow for photos of the shoe garden.



Betty said...

So glad to hear that the stent went in. Kay is a funny person all on her own so I can only imagine with a little boost from a sedative that she was very entertaining. Sending you much love and energy for the next hurdle, take it one step at a time. Don & Betty

Sue said...

What great news. Shouts of joy from Maine. Kay, with that kind of sedation, Sam asked for whiskey as his choice of post-op drink! Love you, Sue

Sail Grace E said...

Good heavens, I must say that versed is the BEST!!!! When I had my abdominal surgery, I was getting an epidural placed. I sat up and had to position myself so they could place the catheter in my back. The anesthesiologist gave me a hit of versed, I slithered my face down in between the nurse's most voluptuous breasts and rested happily. The next thing I remember was waking up in another room, sitting in a chair, fully dressed and ready to go home. So good to talk to you today!!!! Love, Coach Cheryl

Scolmar45 said...

I just want to say goodnight and hope you sleep well.
All our love to you and Ed,Jean and Brett.
Scott, Erin, Haley and Ethan

Barb Hoffmann said...

Kay and Ed,
I have to smile when Ed describes Kay's next steps: "Now we feed and rest her for a day or two." Does she get hosed down, too? Er, is her name Kaybiscuit? Well, if so, he's talking about a thoroughbred and long distance runner; Value, priceless; Temperament, goofy, but steady, Bred at world class Colmar Stables; Trainer, now famous Ed Pullen 24/7. A filly who will not just gallop, canter, trot, or sprint, but RUN, RUN, RUN. Affectionate fans are waiting in Winner's Circle. (Glad to hear she's happy on the feedbag).
Aunt Sis

Jean said...

Mom you were hilarious. It made my week to see you so happy and outgoing. You were whooping, and wanted to scream at the top of your lungs because you were to grateful that the surgery went as planned. I wish I would have caught you on video! Love, Jean