Friday, April 24, 2009


Today was a day with no procedures, no drama, and Kay enjoyed just relaxing. Her pain since the replacement of the biliary drainage tube is considerably less today, and seems even better since I took her staples out this afternoon. After all the really big procedures Kay has faced with grace and bravery, she has been dreading removal of her staples. I have tried to assure her it was no big deal at all, but she has a very large incision, 41 staples on the incision from the xyphoid to the pubic bone area, that she had just dreaded facing this. As promised it was easy, and she is soooo relieved. Also less tugging and pain with movement, etc.

Kay did have a blood draw today, and Mary Rose took her to this, and on the way home they stopped at a drive in for a BLT, fried, and a chocolate milk shake. Good to see Kay thinking about food at least.

We had a nice sit in the sun of the front yard this late afternoon, really enjoyed having Cheryl W. bring us dinner, and watching the M's dominate Keith Colmar's Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I know it's a long season, but it feels nice to look at the standings.

Probably the highlight of the day was an incredibly thoughtful, fun, and just delightful gift box from Betty Caton, a long-time friend of mine, and good friend of Kay's from Maine. Don Caton was one of my closest friends from Bowdoin, and I lived with Don my third year in Med school, and Betty has been a good friend since those days too. Betty sent a box with a large colorful carry bag/ purse with several individually wrapped gifts, including two pair of PJs, sunscreen for Kay's head after she loses her hair, individual gifts for Brett, Jean and me, and several other items. Each item had a humerus card explaining why it was included. We sat in the sun, Kay opened the gifts, and we just marvel at the love and caring that is reaching us from all directions.

Off to sleep, and looking forward to a weekend of healing, rest, and relaxation.



Sue said...

Dear Kay and Ed,
Rejoicing in all the victories this week has brought. We are doing a very "Pelletier" thing this weekend and watching Seth run around in circles 12X's (mile & 2 mile)! Blessings and peace upon your weekend and Kay, BON APETITE:)! Loads of love and tons of prayers. Sue

Barb Hoffmann said...

(sorry about that racehorse metaphor)

While you're resting, listen to music that you love. I'm firm believer in power of music to heal.
Here's a couple of quotes I send to you:

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order." Plato

"It has been found that musical vibrations make their impact upon the entire body, being picked up by the nerves, spinal column, and even by the bones. It has also been demonstrated that music affects the pulse, respiratiion, and blood pressure; but it's deepest effect, and those from which most of it's curative properties are derived, are mental and emotional." Doren Antrim (Music is Medicine)

And finally, (Ed can explain better) "Scientists are just beginning to discover how music heals, through its boosting of immunoglobulin (IgA) levels and regulation of the neurotransmitter dopamine."

Glad you are finally free of foreign objects. Love, Aunt Sis