Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nice to get back to church

Today seemed close to like a normal Sunday. I went to church early to warm up for choir, Kay usually sings too, but Brett and Kay came a bit late, in time for the main part of the service, and we left right after communion, but nice to be back. After that we went to the hospital for a blood draw, then a short rest, and off for a second breakfast for Kay at Denny's. Kay just loves breakfast at Denny's.

We are hoping this labs now are back into a range to qualify her for the clinical trial she wants to participate in, but either way we should be starting on the offensive again tomorrow or Tuesday. Kay and I have been working on hypnosis to have post hypnotic suggestion for minimal side effects from chemotherapy. I had a good teacher, Larry Fitzgerald, in residency, who taught us to do hypnosis, and I used it a fair bit early in my practice with OB patients. I recall one woman in such a deep trance that she rested comfortably during labor, and the L&D nurses at Madigan were so upset with me because she would not communicate with them, that they "reported" me to the chief of the OB service. He came by, looked the situation over, and as only a good Colonel can, tried not to smile, and told the nurses he could not find anything to worry about. The woman as per prior suggestion, when I told her it was time to push, came out of her trance and delivered her baby. A fond memory.

Anyway, there are some old studies I recall showing reduced nausea in chemotherapy with hypnosis. These all preceded the nice new drugs to combat chemotherapy induced nausea, and Kay will certainly use the meds, but maybe I can take partial credit.

Last night we watched the M's until they seemed to have all in hand, an 8-3 lead in the 6th inning, and then watched the season finale of our one TV show together we had on the DVR. Saturday Night Lights season is over, and we switched back just in time to see the last out of a 9-8 M's win. Oh Keith, tough to see those Angels 5 1/2 games behind so early in the season.

Anyway, we plan to enjoy the end of the weekend, and face the week well rested.



Cecile Lozano said...

Hey Kay,
Good to hear that you and the family had a nice morning. Gary and I are off to have lunch somewhere in the city. I would love to fly up and see you some time but will wait for a go from you and Ed.

Much love,

Hamsterina said...

Love the photo of Kay and shoes.
We so feel you, Ed, on the yardwork. We have five yards to take care of right now. Ours, two rental homes, our neighbor who broke her foot in 10 places, and another couple in their 80s who haven't done anything to maintain their property in decades. We are halfway through renovating that garden. When we finish, we'll check in to see if we can help you.

Speaking from experience. . . a baseball game is fun to listen to on the ipod while gardening. Just not a good idea to prune at the same time unless you do a super good job keeping track of the earbud cord.

Hoping the first chemo proves tolerable. Thanks again for keeping us connected.

albesullivan said...

Go, Kay, and Go, Mariners! Al and I went to a Mariners' game the other night, arriving just after Ichiro hit a home run on the second thrown ball, the only score of the game. Timing is everything! I've been hypnotized before - a wonderfully relaxing experience.

keith said...

Hey Kay + ED, Jean + Brett,
Wow! what a great pic of Kay smiling with all the shoes. That made my month! I'm glad you're all getting a little rest. The hypnosis sounds great Ed. Oh, and the Lakers are headed to the championship, again. Angels blanked the M's
(we're hurting) and world order is restored for a few more days. I'ts great to see Griffey. Go get em this week Kay, your whole army will be with you all the way. Love, Keith

Sue said...

Good morning dear friends,
I now awake to the glorious sound of song birds singing their Spring songs. Wish that I had your knowledge of their voices. Extra prayers this morning for blood levels which allow for the "whole package". Love Sue for all

Colleen said...

Kay, late for church and then leaving right after communion...? Are you turning Catholic again??!


Skip said...

I absolutely love Denny's. Or maybe it's just the big menus & food photography.

Ed's gardening story gave me an idea to plant something in my yard as a visual beacon to keep connected. I'll let you know.

Go Kay!