Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Positive spirits reign

By the time I went in to visit Kay about 5 PM, I was not in my best spirits. Up early, Kay in misery, the ER visit, lots of tests, hospitalization, missed the morning clinic, interviews and meetings all afternoon, a quick dinner, then in to visit.

I got to Good Sam and Kay's smile lit up the room. She is elated that she has an appetite today. She refuses to be down, and just remains totally positive. She says her survival depends on remaining positive, and she is 100% certain she is going to beat this "thing."

How can I not smile back and just hug her. Well it is tough to hug much, the port infusing, and the bile drainage tube a bit tender still, but a gentle hug worked. We had a really nice visit. Her walking the halls now is almost a "airborne shuffle" pace. She ate three full meals between noon and 7 PM. She told me about them in detail, an egg salad sandwich (both halves) for "lunch" then a grilled cheese sandwich, again "both halves" as a snack, and then an open faced turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes with gravy and string beans for dinner. These are really the first full meals she has eaten since her diagnosis. She says she ate so much she "stopped counting the calories."

We can all sleep well tonight knowing Kay is eating. Now to figure out how to get rid of whatever is causing her to be sick. We suspect an infection of the biliary tract, she is on IV antibiotics, and may need to take these for a while. I may be able to take her to Portland this weekend, and just give her the IV meds in the hotel room. All TBD.

Sleep tight.



albesullivan said...

Dearest Kay, hearing about your smiles and determination is truly a blessing! You're showing the rest of us grace under pressure!

Sue said...

Morning greetings once again from Maine. I hope that you both were able to sleep extra well last night. What a blessing it will be to have Brett home. Your love for one another is inspiring us all. Moment by moment today, may you sense God's great love and care. Yours faithfully, Sam & Sue