Saturday, April 25, 2009

Satruday Rocks

We have all had a good day today. Started with pancake breakfast for Kay about 7:30 after a pretty good nights sleep. Then at 9:30 Kay's church running group finished their final 12 mile training run and got together for a celebration breakfast at Patty and Paul Freese's house. Some people will go to any extreme not to run that far, and still get invited to a celebration breakfast. Kay and I joined them and feasted on eggs, bacon, coffee cake, fruit, mimosas, and good company.

Home for a rest, then as Kay woke up just a few minutes after Synnove Turner brought us a roast chicken dinner, we had an early dinner about 2 PM. My plan for the weekend was to get three meals into Kay each day before she got tired late in the day, and generous friends made that easy today.

After another rest, suffering through NFL draft boredom, and a little yard work (I am learning that the spring spruce up of the garden that Kay usually does pretty much on her own is as much work as I thought it was, far more than she thought it was. Maybe it is true that doing what you love is not work. Kay loves gardening. I think it is work.) we went on a drive. The front seat of the minivan is comfortable for Kay, and we drove through Orting, stopping for a milkshake and snack for Kay (and Brett) at the Parkside Cafe, then off to enjoy a sunny drive through Kapowsin and back home.

With the Mariners to entertain us tonight, we look forward to a nice evening, and a better day yet tomorrow. I hope to rejoin the choir to sing at services tomorrow, and Kay hopes to come late and leave early to church, duck in for the sermon and communion. Let's see how the night goes, but it sounds like one more step towards normal.

A great weekend to all.


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