Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed. I made an early call to my brother Bill in ME this morning at 5 AM here, and forgot that they had already been to Easter sunrise service. I remember as a child going each year to sunrise service on a hillside looking east over never-ending fields and hills to see a glorious sunrise as we shivered in brilliant sunshine. (at least that is my memory 50 years later) Quite a difference from our sunrise services here where we know it is sunrise because it is no longer raining in the dark. Needless to say our family missed Easter services at Celebration Lutheran today, but Paul came this afternoon and we had an Easter prayer here in Kay's hospital room.

Kay has been an even more vocal witness than usual since her diagnosis of cancer. She has really felt the grace of God enveloping her in His strength.

Of note Jean for the second year is participating in a Relay for Life next weekend in Portland. She is raising funds for cancer research, and if anyone wants to contribute to her effort, you can use the link below. Feel no pressure at all, but if you feel able and moved to contribute, go for it.



Mar-y Dahl said...

Kay, Ed, Jean, and Brett, I love you and we (Kay's siblings) are constantly thinking of you with our prayers. Your sista, Mar-y,(Keith, Ken, and Scott)

I am so happy you have so many good friends, XO ...and family.

Colleen Wise said...

He is risen indeed! Kay, you have always been a fantastic witness. Now we can uphold you in just relax and feel the grace surround you. Happy Easter!

Mar-y Dahl said...

We love you guys! Experimenting with leaving photos etc. Mary, Jim, Mic, Chris, and Caroline

Traci said...
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Traci said...

He is risen indeed!!! Kay, I have only kind of met you one time. Dr. Pullen, I see you in the halls, but when a family in Christ is suffering, we all suffer. You will be in my constant prayer and know that God is a good God and a God of Blessings..
May you all find peace in Him and strength in eachother.

Deb Stenberg said...

Kay & Ed, The family pics are wonderful! The love and affection between you all just radiates. It's a blessing to be among your friends. XXOOXX Deb