Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shoe Garden

Earlier this week my running buddies delivered a garden sculpture to my yard to cheer me on my new path. Old worn sneakers filled with flowers snaked across my lawn with a placard of me reaching the finish line and an inspirational quote from Isiah. Last year we were inspired by Coach White to compete in the Tacoma City Half Marathon. Some walked, some ran, some did both. We all finished whether it was the 10K portion or 13.1 miles, with big smiles. There are a lot of pairs: Karen, Leda, Monica, Christy, Wendy, Jessie, Heather, Cheryl, Patty, Mary Rose, Sue, Colleen, and Sue B.  Keep them all in your thoughts or cheer them on May 3 at this year's Tacoma half marathon.  Jean will be graduating that day in Portland.  

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Mar-y said...

wow! That is a really nice team!!!! It's so pretty!

your niece,caroline

ps Hi back, Cecile!

Kay, You Run!