Saturday, July 28, 2012

Done Treatment

2012 so far has been a year of fighting cancer of Kay.  First the surgery in January, then the course of both IV and intraperioneal chemotherapy, and finally 28 daily radiation therapy sessions. The last trip to the radiation therapy office was Friday, and Kay did a little dance there to celebrate the last session. Not kidding, she did dance. It's done now, let the remission begin.

Next week will be Kay's first week in recent memory without some sort of medical care.  Kay and all of us are praying for a long time until any major treatment is needed, and Kay really needs a long remission. This course of therapy has been the biggest trial so far, and as usual Kay has been one incredibly strong woman, but a nice long, make that very very long remission is what she needs.

We have lots of fun planned for the rest of the year and hope all of you have been having and continue to have a great summer.  Keep Kay in your prayers as we get initial test results after this therapy over the next few weeks, and let's all hope for a nice long interlude with no sign of the cancer.

Thanks for all of your support.