Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kay Rocks the Orting Trail

Kay is having a great end of summer.  Today we went for an hour bike ride on the Orting Trail, a converted rails to trails bike and multipurpose trail, and she even impressed herself.  She rode hard the whole hour, felt great doing it, and has continued to be an energizer bunny while Brett and I played couch potato and watched the whole Seahawk's domination of the Cowboys today.

For at least a couple of weeks Kay has been really about back to normal with her energy levels.  She had been really concerned that this last course of surgery -->  Intraperitoneal + IV chemotherapy --> Whole pelvis radiation therapy that lasted from Jan through the end of July of this year was going to be something she survived but was never really the same.  Her energy levels and strength were just so beaten down that she questioned her ability to fully recover.  She and we can put those doubts to rest.  Kay is herself again.

That is super good news and we plan to take full advantage with lots of fun planned for the rest of 2012, starting with a 2+ week east coast vacation in late Sept --> Oct birding at Cape May, NJ and then touring dead presidents estates and the Shenandoah Valley and other regional attractions.

Thanks to all for all of the support we have received, and I'll keep posts coming once in a while for updates. For now, hooray, and hopes that I can keep up with Kay in her real self mode.