Saturday, April 18, 2009

A little rest makes everything brighter

Well, after a little rest things seem a little less discouraging. The nicest thing is to see Kay eating the best part of a turkey and mashed potato dinner, after eating a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and seeing her smiling tonight. It seems like her chills and some of her nausea have resolved on these antibiotics.

Tomorrow we get this stent placed in a different way and go on from there.

Tonight Fay and Mary are going to take the evening "sit" with Kay and Brett and I are going home to see the Portland Trailblazers first playoff game tonight. This new TV being put to good use.

We will likely channel surf the M's game at the same time.

Let's all pray for a good night's sleep tonight. OK and for another M's win and Trailblazers win too if we are really greedy.



Sue said...

Dear Ed, Kay and family,
We are going to make the best use of EST:)! We have several churches praying specifically for today's procedure. Yours in Christ, Sammy and Sue

Scolmar45 said...

Good Morning!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sorry about the Trailblazers but you always have the M's to fall back on.