Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Good Times Keep Rolling

Kay had her quarterly follow up visit with Dr. McCrosky today, and got really great results on her CA-125 tumor marker testing, a really great 25.  This was even better than we had hoped.  Kay is now just over a year after her last course of radiation therapy, and has been taking the curcumin for the last 4 months.  At her last visit we were really pleased that her CA-125 was down from 70 to the low 50’s, and were hoping for not much of an increase this time.  The 50%+ drop in the number was great news.  We don’t really know what to think of this.  Is it because the rising CA-125  after finishing her radiation was really a result of post-radiation inflammation rather than returning cancer?  Is the curcumin a strong anti- cancer drug in Kay’s case?  Whatever the reason, we are joyful and grateful for the results.
We’ve been having a great summer, the vacation to France, a visit to the Maine Pullen clan following a visit from Morgan, our cousin/niece, and then last week a trip with Ron and Linda Bahr to Glacier National Park.  This doctor’s visit result puts a cherry on top of what has been a wonderful summer so far. 
Jean is settling in at her new job at Nordstrom’s as a financial analyst, Kay continues to enjoy her retirement, and I am still enjoying work along with lots of vacation.  Our love goes out to all who rejoice in these great results with us.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Ed & Kay