Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm sitting in the Good Sam radiology hallway for news on how the stent placement is going. Prior to the procedure Kay was totally focused on making sure she has Mexican food ordered for her first meal since midday yesterday before room service orders close at 7 PM. She has tacos de asada, broccoli, guacamole, root beer, milk and cheesecake ordered. She went under sedation smiling.

It is hard to just wait here, knowing that I could simply pull my Dr. Pullen rank and cruise back and see what's going on. I am convinced that the static of having me looking over their shoulders would simply add more pressure to a difficult procedure, and that Kay's doctors already are trying extra hard, so I am waiting in like a good husband in the hallway chairs.

I'll try to make a quick post late tonight after I find out how this procedure goes. For now it's sit, pace, sit some more.


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Sue said...


Thanks for the posting. Just got back from Seth's track meet and couldn't wait to get back to visit your blog to see how things went today. We are all praying and send our love your way.

Sam for all the Pelletiers