Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kay Remains Well

No news on this site is good news. Kay remains free of cancer as far as anyone can tell. Her tests so far, including follow up CA-125 and mammogram recently all are good. Her CA-125 remains less than 10 and she feels great.

This weekend Kay is in Los Angeles visiting Jean who is there on assignment from her Ernest and Young Portland office. Jean has a hotel downtown, the weekend off, and so Kay, Mary - Kay's sister, and Fay - Kay's mom are joining her for a girls weekend on the city. Girls just gotta have fun.

Kay is back to running, up to about 6-9 miles a week, and is doing a "Core and More" class at the YMCA, a really intense class. She is feeling pretty fit, and I'd say is just doing normally.

I continue to enjoy life after being medical director at Sound Family Medicine, and am having fun blogging as

We continue to praise God for Kay's health, and pray for lots more of the same.

Enjoy the spring and summer.