Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indian dinner

Today was a rough day for Kay. She just did not sleep well last night, uncomfortable, fitful, and today had to force herself to eat and rest. I worked a few hours this morning, Jean helped out at home, and when I got home for lunch, Kay continued to struggle. It was funny to see Kay laying in the twin bed Jean set up in her office, sipping her drink and pushing her lunch around on a plate, while Shan Vipond, good friend and part time employee of Kay, took care of some left over work. Not what we planned on the bed for, but it worked well.

We saw Dr. McCroskey today, signed up for a clinical trial using the standard treatments for ovarian cancer chemotherapy as well as an experimental biologic medication vs. placebo. Good thing- she had the dressing removed from her port-a-cath site on her upper R chest, so one less dressing to keep clean and dry. IF we can get the internal common duct stent placed Thursday, and the external drainage tube out, she will be unattached. (except to me of course)

It was emotional for Kay to read through all the informed consent associated with the trial, with page after page of possible side effects. Anyway, after our appointment there, Kay seemed to perk up, and we sat on the deck, and really enjoyed a curry dish prepared by TJ Singh MD, the boyfriend of my office administrator, and longtime local internist. It was the first time in a couple of weeks I've seen Kay really enjoy eating. Nice to see.

Kay's blood tests keep improving, and we hope she may be ready for chemo to start Friday, possibly Monday though. In the meantime Jean keeps making these small but calorie packed milkshakes for Kay. The consist of whole milk yogurt, ice cream, half & half, banana, chocolate syrup, and topped with whipped cream. Kay had two of these today, plus a modest amount of food. They look like most of us could gain weight just smelling them. Kay needs to, she is down about 10 lbs since her diagnosis.

Anyway, Kay and Jean are watching TV, I'm listening to the M's and the day is near done.

Sleep well.


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Sue said...

Greetings from your early rising Maine friend. I have been up for hours and have been praying for you, Kay. May God grant you an extra peaceful day! Much love to all, Sue