Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everything but a nice glass of red

Kay has had a very good day. I thing a big part of this started with her best night's sleep in recent memory. Then a good breakfast, huge lunch, more snacking the rest of the day. (Kay has completely lost her taste for any alcohol, so the nice glass of red wine she would maybe have coveted at the end of the day is out of favor right now)

Kay also had good blood tests today, (for those with a medical background her liver enzymes and serum bilirubin were not elevated after clamping her external biliary drainage tube overnight) giving us a likely removal of the external bile tube tomorrow, and the possibility of no bodily fluids that are meant to stay internally draining externally by the end of the week. It is nearly 8 PM and Kay is still on the phone with a friend, no late day emotional and physical overload that has been the routine recently.

Maybe the highlight of the day was a really good laugh. Kay's Aunt Sis, a.k.a. Barbara Hoffman sent Kay a video declaring her the Mom of the year. It was a hoot, and for some reason I cannot seem to add that link in a way to make it work here, so you'll have to take it from me we enjoyed the laugh.

Pray for more good results of labs in the AM, a widely patent internal biliary stent, and removal of the external tube tomorrow without complications. Also give thanks to God for such improvement over the last few days.



Colleen said...

That's wonderful news! So glad you are feeling better, Kay.

And Ed, I just want you to know how much I am enjoying (is that the right word?) your blog. I am seeing a different side of you. I think you were born to blog!

Sue said...

Dear Ed and Kay, What a great report! I will pray that things continue on in such a manor. We have had loads of action here as the back end of the house gets rebuilt and Doug arrived home:)! Kay, over and over I picture the joy on your face in those graduation photos and I rejoice from the bottom of my heart. Love and prayers, Sue from all

Sail Grace E said...

Kay, So glad to hear you have had a good day! I know the weekend was probably the most exciting time for you to see Jean so beautiful and so happy!! I loved the photos. Your smile is infectious, Kay. Thank you for brightening my day! Thinking of you all the time, Cheryl