Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tired but in good spirits

I've talked with Kay a couple of times so far this morning. She sounds exhausted before the day even starts, but is excited about getting to Portland. The big disappointment this morning was the after all the manipulation of the external bile drainage tube yesterday, bile is leaking around the tube today, and making a big mess of everything. As you may know, bile is a darkly pigmented yellow/brown liquid that is quite caustic to skin, and having it leak all over her abdomen would be not just messy but could lead to very sore and macerated skin. Bottom line is that Dr. Levine is coming back in soon to try to replace the tube with a bigger one that will occlude the drainage tract, and prevent leakage. He can do this without sedation or general anesthesia (Kay is tough, but I don't envy her this procedure) and still feels she can leave the hospital this morning. Mary Rose Sprague is sitting with Kay this morning, and is going home to pack up for Kay and have her ready to leave for Portland right from the hospital.

I've had a nice morning, breakfast early with Brett, Dad and Bill. A walk in the rain, and now a little rest. We saw Fay, Keith, Jean and Marc too. Jean thought to pick up her gown today, and all is set for a weekend of celebration of Jean's accomplishments. We are so proud of and happy for her.

More after the party today if I get a chance. Maybe even some pictures then.



Colleen said...

Have a wonderful day!

Jean, many many congratulations on your fantastic achievement!!

Chelsea said...

Congrats Jean!!! :-) And congrats Kay for getting through your first round and chemo and being so brave through all of this! Can't wait to see you both and tell you Conrats in person!! xoxo