Friday, May 1, 2009

The Nines

What a day. We started with discussing the situation with Dr. McCroskey Kay's situation, and he told us that the bacteria in her blood was one that should be able to treat with an oral antibiotic. This was exciting, as this meant Kay might be able to come down to Portland for Jean's graduation party, and the festivities in Portland this weekend. This was dependent on her getting a better stent placed.

NPO all day, and at 5PM off to have GI try to place the stent using an endoscope through the stomach. After an hour of waiting, Dr. Moussan and Levine had me in to let me know that the stent had migrated proximally up into the common bile duct, was no longer working, and could not be seen from the duodenum. No luck replacing the stent from below. This was really disconcerting, as it meant Dr. Levine, the interventional radiologist was going to have to try to remove the smaller stent either by pushing it into the duodenum, or pull it out through the abdominal drain site. Then try to replace it with a larger stent from above. After 2 hours of work, he was able to successfully do this. During that time I sent Brett to Taco Bell for dinner (Kay had us salivating for Mexican food) and we watched the M's on ESPN online. The wait seemed to go on forever, but we were just ecstatic to hear the procedure was successful. Kay will need to still wear the external drain bag for a few days, but the good news is if the night goes OK I think she will get released, and ride down to Portland with Peter and Cheryl.

Brett and I checked into "The Nines" hotel downtown, and are about to crash.

Thanks for all your prayers. Cheer for Jean this weekend.



Carol said...

Hi Kay, So glad to hear your procedure went well, and here's praying that you are able to make it down to Portland for Jean's graduation. I know there are a couple of good looking lads from Maine who would love to see you. Love to you all! XOXOX Carol and Lou

Cathy said...

Craig and I know you will have a wonderful family time at graduation. There is a lot to celebrate! God are always in our thoughts and prayers!
Cathy and Craig