Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kay worked this morning

Kay is pretty excited, she says she worked this morning, and actually could "think." After that she went to lunch with a work friend, then shopping with Jean. Then cooked dinner with me. By far her most active day, and she still feels pretty good. Not quite up to the walk with friends she had on her agenda, but good enough to finish the Netflicks movie Brett, Kay and I started a couple of days ago.

More good news yesterday. Kay's CA125, the tumor marker being followed to assess the response of her cancer to the chemotherapy continues to drop quickly. Dr. McCroskey was really surprised to see it down to about 270 a week prior, so repeated it to be sure it was a valid result. On repeat it was lower yet, at 162. Kay seems to be responding well to the chemo so far, no serious adverse effects, and good tumor kill. We are trying to stay on an even keel emotionally, but this is great news.

Jean is off to Portland for a doggie sitting job and to clean up the home there as we try to find a tenant. Kay and I may go down Sat to paint and visit.

Overall the sun is shining, God's grace is shining on us, and each day Kay seems stronger. Pray for more of all of these. (Oh, the Mariners beat Oakland today too 6-1.)



Colleen Wise said...

Fantastic news, Ed and Kay! Thanks for sharing.


Kitty & Patrick McGuane said...

Kay and Ed;
The news is great for all of you. Patrick and I enjoy the updates but mostly we enjoy hearing the positive results of your cancer treatments.

We will be home from Arizona soon and will plan a dinner in the McGuane's Irish Pub for you. We will keep you in our prayers.

Betty said...

Woo Hoo! So nice to hear things are going your way. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hey Brett, really cute dog. Love to you all, Betty & the Maine gang.

Skip said...

Good, good, good, indeed! Even the working part :-(

Keep it up!

KVandiepen said...

Good news Ed and Kay, I 've been thinking about you all week Kay and you keep coming up in my mind, and prayers. Wanted to share with you the video on you tube which already has over 500 views,
we're getting lots of use out of it! Kay, you do good work, glad to hear you were able to check into work and felt better to do this. Love Kath

Sail Grace E said...

GREAT news, Kay. Stay strong and courageous!! Love, Coach