Saturday, May 30, 2009

Very big day

Kay and I drove down to Portland last night, and went to dinner with Jean and , Jean's boyfriend Marc's Mom. We had a nice time then camped out at our rental home there. Spent the day today, from 7 AM until 5 PM painting and getting the place ready for new tenants. Jean lived there for the last 3 years with roommates, and we had planned to sell the place when she graduated, but the real estate market being what it is, we are looking for new tenants.

Anyway, Kay is just getting stronger by the day. She helped with some painting, and supported me as I painted most of the day. Then we drove home this evening. Kay even drove the first stretch of highway. We'll see how sore she is tomorrow, but it was fun to work together today.

Tomorrow we sing in choir at church for Pentecost Sunday, and plan a relaxing day after that. Monday Kay sees Dr. McCroskey, and then our week three in the three week chemo cycle. We hope it will be even better than this last week has been, but this last week has been pretty nice.

We pray that each day brings more joy, and another day to fight this cancer.



Sara said...

Hey honey bunny - so glad to hear you are doing well and getting alot of your old life back. It sounds like you and Ed are enjoying yourselves. Interesting how big things can make you see the importance of the little things. I am in Ohio with Jackie and Don after a visit with my mommy-in-law. First time I have had access to a computer. Going home tomorrow and back to work. Will call and talk live. xxoo

Sue said...

How we are rejoicing with you both! Continued love and prayers, Sam, Sue and crew