Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hillmans put on a great party

Tanya, Mel, Jane, Dave, Matt, and Ray put on an feast for royalty and a wonderful celebration at Tanya's home in Beaverton today. We stuffed ourselves on barbecue chicken, bratwurst, slow-cooked homemade maple syrup baked beans (Dad and Bill felt like right at home - baked beans on Saturday night) along with potato salad, fabulous hors-d'overs, designer cupcakes and cheesecake.

Kay has had an incredibly long day. She slept poorly last night, was up early, and this morning awakened to find that the external bile drainage tube had bile leaking profusely around the tube, making a mess and making her at risk to get really bad skin irritation. Dr. Levine called her and agreed to come in this morning to replace the external tube with a larger size tube to try to keep all of the bile draining into her bag. He was able to do that, and after the usual details of hospital discharge Kay was sprung free by shortly after noon. Mary Rose Sprague stayed with Kay all morning, and took her home. She and Cheryl Wiederspan helped Kay to get ready to drive to Portland. Kay was so exhausted she needed a power nap, and then a bath, to finish packing, and finally got off by about 3 PM. Peter and Cheryl loaded her in the Land Rover, headed south, and made it to Tanya's in time for the after-party. We all had seconds on the great food, had a photo op, and sat and chatted.

Now back at The Nines Hotel, resting before bedtime, and planning to rest Kay up, and have lots of family visiting for Keith and Fay, as well as for Dad, Bill and me.

We all really enjoyed the multiple copies of the Tacoma News Tribune Patty and Paul brought down. The photo of Kay finishing the race last year on the inside page left several of us with moist eyes.

Pray for rest, a better appetite for Kay tomorrow, and satisfying visiting tomorrow.

If I can get the photos on my laptop, a photo gallery of the party and graduation tomorrow.


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Sue said...

Oh Kay, You did much more than run 13.1 miles to get to Jean's party!!! How we rejoice with you all. Much love and continued prayers, Sue and Sam