Monday, May 25, 2009

Dr. Freese

These photos are not Dr. Freese. They are Maeby, as discussed in yesterday's blog. The big event today was a going away party for Krister Freese, soon to be Dr. Krister Freese. Krister is the son of our Pastor Paul and Patty Freese, and on this beautiful Memorial Day we went to his going away party. He is going to Honolulu for his orthopedics residency, and we had a Hawaii theme party to wish Krister and Monika a bon voyage today. It was nice to get together with friends, and being outdoors mostly it was probably a good place for Kay to get together without much chance of catching anyone's cold germs. Kay was full of energy today, and we all had a nice time.

Otherwise mostly a putter around the house day, and nice family time. This week should be a good week for Kay, and I hope to get her walking more, continuing to eat well, and just have a good week.

Brett has just 3 more weeks of his quarter at Seattle Central, and Jean starts to study for her CPA exams this week. I just have a routine week, though being just 4 days it should seem short.

Pray for the chemo to work well, for Kay to continue to recover from the second course of chemo while avoiding any complications, and for a quiet and enjoyable week.


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Colleen Wise said...

It was great to see you both at the Freeses' party, and Kay, I loved your creative touches!