Monday, May 18, 2009

Chemo #2 behind us

Kay had her second of 6 planned courses of chemotherapy today. It went very well, no allergic reactions and no nausea. Just smoothly. The really good news was that so far it seems like her cancer has been very responsive to the treatment. Her initial CA 125 before her surgery was very high at 7588. Her level prior to her first chemotherapy was about 2300. Today we heard the results of her test from a week ago and it was 233. That is dramatically lower. Normal is <35.> last week, this was good news.

Pray for good rest, good nutrition, minimal side effects, and continued responsiveness of the cancer to the treatment.


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Sara said...

Great comments from yesterday - Barb is right, we don't all know each other but this blog is getting like family. Kay, darling -keep up with the guided imagery - the bad cells are leaving through your toes, never to return. As not much of a believer in anything, I opt for trying everything at your disposal. Much love.