Friday, May 8, 2009

Spooning is good

Tiny bits of normal routine can be deliciously delightful. When we woke up this morning, as we have done nearly every morning for years prior to Kay's surgery, Kay snuggled over and we spooned and talked a bit. Seems like nothing, but today was the first day there was not either a painful incision, or that blessed bile bag in the way. A nice start to the day.

Yesterday Dr. Levine tested the internal bile drainage stent, found it to be draining freely, and pulled out the external drain. For a few hours it seemed like the only difference was that the draining bile now did not go into a bag, rather soaked gauze dressings. Within a few hours the drainage slowed down, and overnight just a couple of drops on the gauze.

Kay has had a very good appetite for the last 2 days, is eating well, and gaining some weight back. The lymphedema is really limiting her activity, just a few minutes of standing or walking and she gets very uncomfortable, but otherwise she is doing great.

We pray for a peaceful weekend with good food, good sleep, good family time. Some sunshine and a Mariner's win or two would help too.

Have a great weekend.


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Janie Ludes Vasilia said...

Hi Guys-
The prayers continue! What beautiful pictures of you all @ Jeans graduation. I was so grateful you got to go- Kath. Know it meant so much. Hey- Keith sent the Mother of the Year & I too couldn't access. I thought it was a real thing tho! Anyway- WE know she's the M.O.T.Y. Ed- for those of us who are unable to help- it is so comforting to know that you and Jean & Brett are taking such loving care of our sweet one. Thank you also for these blogs- for including us in your lives right now. Please continue to let us know your prayer requests. Love You- Janie