Monday, May 11, 2009

A quiet day

Kay saw Dr. McEniry today, a positive visit. He is the infectious disease specialist who helped with Kay's biliary infection. He is also one of the best physicians I have known in my career, and the doctor who diagnosed Brett's strep infection in his R arm as an 12 year old. He gave Kay good news, just finish the antibiotic she is on, and the infection seems resolved. He also took out a bothersome suture in her port wound, making her very happy.

Tomorrow the two week post chemo blood tests and oncology visit with Dr. McCroskey, and Thursday the much delayed post-op visit with Dr. Safarri. This weekend I think we are going on a short local birding trip with Ken Brown, a very good friend and great birder. Ken and I talk and bird as often as we can, not very it seems, but Ken called Kay yesterday just to talk, and to invite us on his trip this weekend. This made Kay feel really good. "Ken called me!"

Mun Jong took Kay to the appointment today as Jean had an appointment to arrange to get her wisdom tooth, removed. That's right, she only has one, and she went to lunch with Kay afterwards, and left us with home-make Chinese food for dinner. She is a great cook, so we all enjoyed dinner today.

All is quiet and good on our end. We are really trying to make each day good as we wait to see how this chemotherapy works. Kay looks better every day, so we think it is having a positive impact so far.

Keep the prayers coming and have a great week.


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