Thursday, May 21, 2009


The best thing about today was the weather. It has been beautiful, and when I look at my iPhone weather report all I see is yellow circles, i.e. sun through next Tuesday. Kay had a bit of a rough day today, minor nausea, significant fatigue, and what looks a lot like her week post chemo last cycle, less the biliary drainage problems. She has more swelling and pain than she had before the last couple of days, and is generally uncomfortable.

That said the day has not been too bad. Kay went to Jean's oral surgery appointment today, and drove her home afterwards. Jean did well, luckily she only had one wisdom tooth. (No comment on wisdom) I got home about 4 PM today, we had an early dinner, and are just settling in to the Mariner's game and hopefully an early to bed before a good nights sleep.

Kay got outside for just a few minutes tonight to look at the garden. It is looking good. She had it set up pretty well before she got sick, and with help from some friends, some work by Brett, Jean and me, and nice weather it is looking good.

Jean and I played a game of cribbage today while dinner cooked. She won by 1 peg, when she pegged 8 on a third consecutive 5 for 6 for 3 in a row, plus 15-2 to go out when she needed 7, leaving me one peg short of going out. Fun.

You know news is scarce when I post a play by play of cribbage.

Pray for continued recovery from chemo, continued regression of the cancer, and may you all have a great weekend.



Sail Grace E said...

See, I told you you would look beautiful without any hair. Your smile hasn't changed!! Still warm and gorgeous.

May God keep you comfortable, and may the chemo do it's job.

Hang in there, my friend.


John said...

Kay and Ed, know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily and thank you for the blog. We read it every night. We send you warm aloha from the big island. Love, Lin & John Preece