Friday, May 22, 2009

Date night

Brett is away for the weekend, and Jean is staying with a classmate in Seattle tonight, so Kay and I are home together tonight. I have to say though it has been wonderful having the kids home through this time, we have really enjoyed the afternoon and evening together.

I got home by 1 PP, did a bit of work from home, then Kay and I took a nap together. At least I slept soundly, and I think Kay relaxed. We then left for Tacoma and went to Harbor Lights to the early bird special. The portions fit Kay's appetite fine, and were good to keep me from overeating, but the garlic shrimp was great. Kay had great energy, and was her old self; interesting conversation, big smile, and we had a great date. From there we walked next door to the bar at the Ram, and I had a beer, Kay a root beer, and we talked some more while I showed her what a physical fr eek-of-nature Lebron is in the NBA playoffs.

The home by 7:15, a game of cribbage on the deck as the sun set, watched part of the Mariner's game as Randy Johnson came back to Seattle with the Giants, and more conversation. Overall a great day. Kay has felt much better today, and I hope the worst of chemo cycle 2 is behind us.

Now we are looking forward to a 3 day weekend ahead with an unusually great weather report as sunny and 70's each day. Small pleasures, but we are really learning to cherish every good day.

Pray that everyone following this blog has as good a weekend as Kay and I plan to have.


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