Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Salt- A World History

That's the name of the book for the Rotary book club last month. The news is that Kay felt well enough to don her new wig and go to book club with me tonight. Neither of us had read the book, but Jane Hostvedt spread a great Mexican meal, and we enjoyed a short evening out of the house. By the way, most members gave good reviews of the book.

Overall an uneventful first day post chemo. I think Kay may have tried to do a bit too much, she is really exhausted tonight, but a good day.

Off subject, but several people have asked me if I am retiring when I leave the medical director job at Sound. Not at all, in fact I will probably spend more time seeing patients than before, but less overall time working. It is going to work out really well with my need to be home more, and spend more time with Kay.

Last night I shaved Kay's last stubble off. She is cute bald, but has a wig from the Breast Cancer Support store, and it looks incredibly like her hair style and color before chemo. The photo above is Kay's new wig. Amazing how much it looks like her natural hair.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and love.



Colleen Wise said...

Dang, Kay, you do look good bald!! And the wig is just like Old Days. Either way, I hope you are comfortable and nausea-free today. You are in my prayers (lots of Hail Marys lately--must have been all that rosary talk last Sunday!).

Cecile Lozano said...

Hi Kay,
Love the wig! You look so cute and I love the outfit. So, "designie"

Your friend,

Cathy said...

You are a beauty! You look so calm and serene. "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."(Edith Wharton) You are the candle!
God bless!

Carol said...

Hey beautiful sister-in-law! You're looking super cute! Your eyes are so beautiful, and all your inner beauty is definitely shining through...not to mention your killer megawatt smile. Continue to feel wrapped in the love, hugs, kisses,and prayers from Maine. XOXOXOX We love you! Carol

Miss Morgan said...

I came out to camp tonight and Mom was bragging about your new-do so I had to come check out the blogg. It (of course) looks quite beautiful.

I had to chuckle though because it made me think back to this spring...at least now when Gram asks if you meant to style it like that you can say, "Yes, Lou I did."


Bill said...

Hey Kay...if Ed needs to moonlight...Oakland needs a barbershop! You're lookin' good girl! Up heah in Maine, we'd say "wicked shahp!"