Sunday, May 17, 2009

Make Hay

The sun shone today, so we did the suburban equivalent of making hay. We went to our usual early service at Celebration Lutheran, Kay went to adult forum (I skipped and puttered in the yard) then we went to Ruston Way and had a picnic in the sun.
Today was the last day for Kay's new short hairdo. It is getting very sparse, and the plan is for Brett to make a memory by giving Kay a buzz job if he can find the charger for his clipper, otherwise Kay will go to the hair cutters in the next day or two.
Chemo tomorrow. Soon a photo essay of all of the new looks for Kay, with wig, with ball cap, with several snazzy hats. Trust me she looks good in all of them.
Chemo tomorrow, the start of cycle 2.
Keep Kay in your prayers for a safe infusion tomorrow, and for good results without complications.


Sue said...

Dearest Kay, Our love and prayers are with you as you begin round #2. May every bit of the chemo attack every bit of cancer. Much love, Sam and Sue
P.S. Ed and Brett, Sam and Seth are having "to eat Mariner stew these days:)!"

Sail Grace E said...

Kay, I am sending lots of good vibes your way today as chemo2 takes place. May every molecule of the medications go to work today, ridding your body of the 'wrong' cells, and sparing your body of the life giving cells. May you stay free from infection, and may you draw energy from the sunshine, the birds singing, and all of your friends and family who love you so much. You will finish this marathon too.
Love, Coach Cheryl

Peter said...

Kay, keeping you in our prayers today as always. You are such a trooper during these procedures and I know you will take this one well too. Flush those bad cells out of there and just sit back and work on your tan. :)
Love, Peter & Cheryl

Colleen Wise said...

Kay, thanks for your support during Adult Forum yesterday. Obviously it was kind of hard for me. It was helpful to have another old Catholic to lean on!! Pass those Kleenex!

Good luck with your chemo today. I hope you sail through it and I pray that the next few days are comfortable and nausea-free.

Love, Colleen

Janie Ludes Vasilia said...

Dear Kay- Love these pics of you. You have always had the BEST smile! Makes one want to smile back at your picture! I too, am praying for the chemo to do it's job where needed. To attack every bad cell and for you to recover quickly from this treatment and continue to heal.
Thank you again, Ed, for the patient teaching you give us. I agree with your friend- you should consider house calls! Love to All- Janie

Barb Hoffmann said...

Kay, envision yourself floating on a cloud of thoughts and prayers today. Healing is going on every minute. Ed,I realized all I needed to do was click on comment to answer you back. Many thanks for courtesy of reply to what may have seemed like intrusive questions. Amazing how strangers to each other have come to feel like a community through your blog. So many of the comments are inspiring as well. Love to all, Sis