Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Today was a day of contrasts. Last night Kay was extremely exhausted, pretty uncomfortable at bedtime, but slept really well. She woke up hungry, a good sign. A good breakfast, and a pretty good morning, and an appointment at oncology at 11:45. Jean brought her to the appointment, and she was having more pain in the area of the external bile drainage tube. They were concerned about infection again, and at first thought she might need another hospitalization. Kay was distraught at the thought, but it turns out the external drain seemed just blocked, was irrigated clear, and we have a routine change for care that we expect to work. The hope is to have the external drain removed Thursday if all goes well. Since the appointment Kay has been exhausted again, and has mostly been trying to rest.

It seems like just another emotional day, and we need to just find strength to roll through them.

On a positive note, Jean got all the applications, paperwork, forms, etc done to study for and take the CPA exam this summer done today. She is feeling pretty good about that. Brett slogged through the rain all day, both on foot and in the car commute. I worked all morning and part of the afternoon without drama or interruption, and we are settled in to relax this evening.

We all enjoyed a great salmon meal provided by Norm and Barb Aune. We are definitely being spoiled by the great meals we have been receiving.

When Kay finds her download cord for her camera, I'll post a link to lots of graduation photos. I just have the few with my birding telephoto lens posted yesterday.

Pray for good tests the next couple of days, and no setbacks from the recurring bile duct problems. Blood counts were all good today, no chemotherapy complications so far.


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